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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Roll Up, Roll Up. It's SUNDAY!!

Now that Sundays are 'free' from posting on my blog, I thought I'd do a little weekly round up (obviously not every week, 'cause my life just ain't that interesting) - but I thought it'd be nice for the people who read my blog to get a little insight into stuff other than my crafting, but admittedly it will mostly be crafting!! HAHA. Let's see how it goes. I totally stole this idea from Kim Dellow's Blog, but the girl is amazing - I'm sure she won't mind! The whole round up/ news thing seems to be catching. Check out Simonne's Blog too!! :)

Unfortunately while you are sitting reading this post I'll be at work - sore feet and all. Yuck. No crafting time today I tell ya, and I'm missing out on my Sunday roast!! :( On the plus side, I sat for almost four hours in my car yesterday.. colouring. Whilst the boyfriend played rugby. It was far too cold to be standing still on the sidelines!!


You all ready for some NEWS?! Check out Paulas post over at Pollycraft right NOW.. There are some MAJOR plans in the pipeline, you guys will not wanna miss out. PLUS Paula's having a huge sale on ProMarkers



So this week.. I found this amazing opportunity floating about there in blog land. If you like The Octopode Factory stuff, you GOTTA check out THIS POST over at Lily's Blog. The girl and her designs blow my mind!! If I didn't have so much already going on I would so apply!! Why does life have to be so busy?!

I also want to share a link to Kristina Werners Blog - she was the girl who totally introduced me to card making through her YouTube channel a few years back now. I cannot thank her enough!! She has the third series of her Holiday Card Making Series 2011 up and running now, it's well into it's third week.. so head on over to her Blog now and see what you've been missing out on!

Holiday Card Series 2009

Along the lines of inspirational girls.. have you lot checked out Amy Rysavy's Blog - Prairie Paper and Ink. If not, get yo butts over NOW. She's recently wrapped up a Halloween Card Making Series and has a Christmas Card Making Series in the pipeline. Wowzers! I've been a follower of her blog for aaaages and I always sit and watch her videos when I'm stuck for inspiration.

I don't know if any of you know, or follow me over on Facebook, but I've been thinking about 'crafting on the go' lately - well, transporting some of my craft stuff too and from my boyfriends! LOL. Whenever I'm there I'm always itching to be doing something while he watches the football/ rugby or plays on his xBox. You know the deal girls - boys and their toys!! So late last week/ this week I set about finding some tools and products to help me do that.

I already own a lap desk thingy I bought from Argos AGES ago which is really handy as it is a reasonably large area in which to lay out your stash and create on at the same time. Then I was thinking about how to make my alcohol markers portable. I don't have all that many, at least.. I didn't think I did until I started fitting them into this little tote from The Glitter Pot.

Here is a picture of my little tote full of marker goodness. I think I'm in love! LOL. It's just gonna be a huge problem when I expand my collections and add some Flexmarkers into the mix. Yikes. Gonna be another mission to find somewhere where they all fit together! I reinforced the tote with some scraps of corrugated cardboard - not that the PM's stay in their designated squares, but hey.. it works at a push and it means I can now colour on the go. Happy times.

Okay, so who said this would be about something other than craft?! Oops! Think I've waffled enough. Heehee..

P.S The Glitter Pot have AWESOME delivery times and even better customer service. Highly recommened. They have brilliant prices too. 5*


  1. Love it! Think we are starting a Crafting blog craze LOL! Have a fabulous Sunday! Kx

  2. Great post Lou! I love your new marker storage!



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