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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Featured: Kody with Flowers

I'm back. I think. *smiles*

It's been what..? Almost a month since I touched down with you guys. I can only apologize for that. There has been way more than "too much" happening at home, I still haven't quite got my head around things, but stuff is looking up. Eventually. Everyone keep their fingers crossed for me and my family please! :)

On top of all of that, I've had crap internet connection. Okay, so TalkTalk are wack at the best of times.. but my local interchange are switching over to that fibre optic stuff and what ever is that isn't having any of it.. is having none of it. Serious. I've been lucky to get on the odd few minutes here and there to get some emails sent. Gahhh!! I haven't even looked at FB.. which in all honesty has actually been.. good. I've got a heap of stuff done. It's amazing what can be achieved when your ass isn't glued to that stoopid site all the time! Heh.

Anywho, enough of all that. I'ma try and get caught up as best I can starting with my blog posts, and to kick start things over here I will share a project from Some Odd Girl, that the lovely Leah posted for me over at the SOG Blog on Thursday.

Meet Kody with Flowers. This is an older SOG digi, and you know what? I still loves him. :) Who could resist that sweet little face and cute, yet modest, bunch of flowers he's got there!?

I made this a little before Valentines, and I gotta say.. I'm still diggin' the red and turquoise combo. I've added some washi, a sentiment from The Greeting Farm which I've cut into three, some twill stripe ribbon.. oh, and that diagonal craze I've got happening with the gems and liquid pearls. Guides the eye across the card, no? Heh, did I sound like I knew what I was chattin' just then? ;)

So there you go, a tiny drop of Cartolinas goodness in an incredibly empty river bed that is my blog right now! Hope to catch up soon. Over and out. xo


  1. Yeah...good to see you back x

  2. Gorgeous card Lou, so pleased to see you back hunny and huge hugglies incase you need them xxxxxx

  3. Wow, so stunning!! I love the way you colored Kody's pants and jacket, so realistic!! He has such a cute face... perfect for Valentine's Day... and the other 364 days of the year!


  4. so stunning lou.he is really gorgeous and i love your fabulous colours.
    i hope all is ok hunni, take care.

    xx coops xx


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