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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Konad Nail Art - Attempt #1

*NOTE: Please don't judge! LOL. This is/was my first ever attempt using the Konad nail art plates.*

Base coat: Collection 2000 2 in 1 Basecoat & Ridge filler
Base colour: China Glaze - Pelican Gray (952)
Top colour: Barry M - Cyan Blue (294)
Nail plate: Konad m60
Top coat: Collection 2000 Maxiflex 5 day wear polish - Clear

Obviously the picture shows my nails before the final clean up - so there were still bits and pieces, to take off with some nail varnish remover. Simples.

I am quite happy with the results - but I could do with A LOT more practice. But hey, you do your nails loads, so I will get loads of practice. Hopefully my technique will be near to perfect soon.

I have found that some nail varnishes are really crap when it comes to using with the plate - they are just too thin and dry too quick. For now, I find the Barry M is really good, it is thick enough to not dry out too quickly before you apply the image to the stamp. I have ordered some proper Konad nail varnish - as reviews I have read highly recommend it. Black, white and silver.

Thats all for now - I hope this has given you an insight into how easy the tool is to use.


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  1. Your nails are awesome!!! I had no idea it was possible to make such intricate patterns on your nails, let alone do it yourself. You go girl!


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