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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Weekly Round-Up

Did any of you see my post HERE a couplea weeks ago? Totally stole the idea from Kim Dellow, but it looks like this sorta thing's catching on. Think I'm gonna keep at it. I have this post scheduled for the beginning of the week, like a Monday (obviously).. then any links, either crafty or otherwise which take my fancy I just add. Then come the weekend I start to pad the post out a little. Simples. :)

Wanna start this week with a bang? Did you see my post on Tuesday, with some pictures of the fireworks from last weekend? :) Ohhh, they make me so happy.

What makes me even happier though, is the being there and seeing/ feeling. That feeling you get inside when you hear the bang is just something else entirely!!

Talking of feeling.. how do you guys feel about the combo of DT work and outside commissions?! I've been doing a bit of that lately, on the run up to Christmas and all. I'm snowed under with orders, and DT work, but I just love it. It's what I enjoy doing, so I thought hey? Why no combine the two? Any thoughts on that? As long as I abide to Angel Policies, I should be good to go, or so I hope.
I get a lot of orders through my FB page : Cartolinas from Lou Mac. You can search for me some time, I'm not going to go promoting myself on here or anything.

But on the same wavelength as FB and handmade stuff, have you guys seen some of the jewellery pages that are about?! HELLO!! 
To name a few:
Floating Vintage Designs
Little Floating Craft Company
Eclectic Creations
Amstell's Handmade Jewellery
Lisa's Jewellery and Gifts

These girls are amazing! Seriously. If you get a minute head over and take a look.

Anyone recognise this?!

It's only the new craft mag on the block!! For scrappers who do it every day! Due out on the 18th November. I think my local craft shop - Papercuts - will be stocking this. Can't wait to get my hands on the first copy!! I love books probably as much as I love crafts, so any sort of craft mag and I'm there!! I totally love Craft Stamper, this mag has the same editor. Katy Fox, so you know the quality you'll be receiving!!

Project's that have caught my eye this week include THIS gorgeous tag dealio from Claudia Rosa over at Pretty Pressings. Her work is just amazing but this one really jumped out at me. She got the instructions HERE from Sugar, Sugar.

Along the lines of tutorials and instructions and stuff.. have you guys seen Laura over at Follow The Paper Trail over on YouTube?! This girl is AH-mazing. I've been watching her videos NON STOP. Her albums, genius. Her designs, gorgeous. She's so bubby and I love just watching how she creates her projects and talks you through it. Really cool stuff. She makes me wanna make minis!! LOL.

Time for a snack. How about some

HONEY ROAST PEANUTS. Been eating these like.. non. stop. Yum!!

Last but not least.. I'm gonna leave you guys with one word.



  1. I'm loving these round-up posts Lou, think I need to try and join in next week

  2. Hi Lou, love the round ups too hun. Mmm! yummy honey roast peanuts.

    Donna x


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