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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Day 12: Your Medium

Craft Blog Everyday in June

Day 12: What's your favourite medium to work with?

I've totally fallen off the bandwagon here, have I not?
I promise to catch up on the past few days I've missed as they were some of my fave topics.

Today though, it's all about PROMARKERS. ;)

I've been using ProMarkers for about.. 2 and a bit years now and I LOVE them. I cannot recommend them highly enough. 

Let me start by dispelling the myth of Copics being superior to ProMarkers. It annoys me no end that people compare them. Yes, they're both alcohol markers but that's where the similarity ends. ProMarkers and Copics have different nibs, a different recipe of ink among other things.

I have tried my hand at Copics, infact I had a collection of 30+ and I got rid of them all. The more saturated colours destroyed their own nibs after a while and they ran out so quickly I couldn't believe it. I do have positive things to say though, before you start shooting at me.. the nib is perfect for all sorts of techniques and it's such a delight to use. The shape of the Sketch markers are so comfortable and make the markers a breeze to use.. but in the end I went back to my faithful ProMarkers.

I love how long they last. 
I love how easy they are to use.
They're so easily available and don't break the bank.
There is so much inspiration out there from both crafters and artists.

I hate that there is such a limit on colours, especially pinks, yellows and purples. Oh, and oranges. Hell there could be waaaaay more colours. They've added a bunch of Limited Edition colours to the collection and FlexMarkers also bring a more pastel vibe to the whole grouping as well as some more saturated colours here and there.

I would love a brush nib. L-O-V-E. Although the fine tip works wonders too. You just gotta get your technique down. Plus, if you have a newer, fresher bullet nib and a light hand there is nothing you can't achieve with a bullet nib that you can with a brush nib. :)

A couple months ago I started a little ProMarker journal as a way to keep track of different colour combos, techniques, pens I need and other fun colouring stuffs. 

Any questions? Hit me. xo

P.S Your cardstock has a lot to do with how much you're gonna love your pens. Find a cardstock that works well for you and you'll have endless hours of fun.


  1. I think due to the fact that you are such an outstanding color gal with your ProMarkers in this Copic world that I admire you the most. You have such a valid point that it really is about 1) the paper and 2) finding what works for you. I do not have a light hand and am so freaking clumzy that I need the brush tip to help me out. :D

  2. I have to say, I'm with you, Lou! I love my Promarkers and now have a collection of Flexmarkers too - I LOVE the brush type nib on these! My biggest pro for Promarkers (pardon the pun!) is the price, they are so affordable and as you said, last for ages! Once you get used to the colour names, they are a joy to use and I wouldn't say any inferior to the likes of Copics...I do think it's personal preference, though, horses for courses and all that! Lisa x

  3. Love this post Lou, so good to read someone else loving their promarkers. I've never tried the copics, but so happy with my promarkers, just never felt the need. Plus, when they released the flexmarkers, I felt this probably bridged the gap with the more brush like tip. I'm supremely happy with my promarkers and look forward to reading any hints and tips you come up with. I'm not fab at colouring hair, so if you've tips for redheads and blondes, oh heck, any hair colour combos with promarkers, I'd gladly read that! Thanks and hugs, Wends xxx

  4. fantastic post lou.really bugs me too when people say that copics are far superior.its how you use your pens that makes the difference.
    Funny thing is the number of cards I see on pinterest `copic colouring` boards that are actually coloured with pro`s, heeheee :D

    xx coops xx

  5. Great post Lou! totally agree! I love my Promarkers always have. I've recently found that Copics are my preferred choice for skin tones but for everything else it's Promarkers all the way! :) x


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