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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Day 1: Craftings

Craft Blog Everyday in June

Day 1: Tell us all about how you got into crafting.

Long story short. YouTube.

It was a couple years ago now.. well okay.. like four.. when my Mother Goose was in hospital. She had been struck with a subarachnoid hemorrhage (I'd advise you not to bother Googling that if you're the kinda person who is a little OTT when it comes to medical stuff.. it might make you wanna rethink a few things).. I was up til the early hours of the morning almost every night just browsing the web.. and I happened to come across a video by Kristina Werner. She was making a gorgeous card.. and I thought.. HEY!! I wanna be able to do that.

I've always loved stationary, paper and the like.. so thought that this would be a fab thing to get my creative juices flowing and take my mind off other things going on in my life. It was around November/ December time and I remember setting myself a strict deadline of creating my own Christmas cards.

Off I flew and hit eBay!! 

I got a bunch of Christmas cards made for the ladies I play darts with and a few up coming birthdays. At that time I wasn't down with the kids.. I didn't know the in's and out's and I had no idea of brands and such, so as for quality.. well.. uh huh. Pleased to say I have no photographic evidence of the first stuff I ever made.. as I wasn't even aware of blogging and the art of sharing the going's on in one's crafty bubble with the world beyond.

Looking back now.. the stuff I made was crap.. but it was a start. I'm so pleased I found this little *chuckles* MASSIVE WORLD WIDE paper crafting community. It's like a family I share things with through the computer.

My only wish now.. is to have a friend near by who I can share things with in real time. Anyone around the Newcastle area wanting a crafting buddy. Give me a shout! LOL!

Until tomorrow. xo 


  1. My first cards were so very bad too. I can't believe I sent them out but at the time I thought they were pretty good. Shame I don't live up near you but I am in Stffordshire. Hope your mum is all better now, Lou x

  2. Loved reading te story! Have to admit that I started with making x-mass cards too ;-) And about that buddy: If Belgium isn't to far, you're more than welcome ;-)

  3. Great story Lou! I feel ashamed when I think of the cards I sent out for Christmas and birthdays but like you said its a start!
    I'm in Sunderland which might be a bit too far away for what you're looking for but if you're in the area give me a shout! Xx

  4. Fun to read how ou got into crafting. Sadly I don't live anywhere near you, otherwise it would be fun to meet up. Winnie x

  5. Its so fascinating to hear how everyone got into crafting. I agree with you on the crafting community. Its MASSIVE and all so friendly too. And I totally get you on the crafting buddy thing too but then I think my family would never see me lol

  6. I made my first cards while in hospital being treated for Bulimia, I made a few over the yrs but in the last 8 months my health has deteriorated a lot and I cant move around so I have gone back to card making and am learning so much and improving day by day-im now in the process of setting up a little business.

  7. Love your story Lou. I "stumbled" over paper crafting cos I was fed up of mass-produced Xmas cards and bought a magazine. At first I did decoupage but when I saw my first Magnolia in 2008 I was sold to stamps. Boy, this wonderful World Wide crafting community has grown since then and so many new and wonderful companies. I love it.
    I live in Derbyshire so too far from you :(. Maybe a monthly meet somewhere would be kool.

    Hugs ~ Mette

  8. We all have to start somewhere! I'm not a crafter so am a little intimidated by the actual challenge but I thought I'd go for it anyway!x

  9. Great story Lou! Been a bit of a follower of yours for a while now, so looking forward to seeing your posts for this challenge throughout the month!

    I don't have any crafting buddies in London, so I'm a bit far to be crafting buddy! Boo :( Keep up the great work!

    Mel xx

  10. Love reading your story.....and my cards were crap too lol! I'd love a craft buddy close by too, I'm in Scarborough so if you're ever on a day trip the kettle's always on!
    Hugs Jo x


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