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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

WOYWW 03/11/10

Evening. Hope you are all well.

I'll apologise now for the quality of the picture, the lighting is all wrong. I am crap at taking decent photos.

I've had a long day today! Booo!! :( Up at 7, at uni for half 8. Lectures fro 9 right the way through til 1 with no break. My brain can not take in any more information today!!

Onto the picture of the desk then ay..?

So I guess I should best talk you through what is acutally on the desk, as I doubt many of you will be able to or will want to decipher that m.e.s.s.

So, centre stage is the current assignment of the week, Environmental Impact Assessments. Yack. Along with files for the module, note book and sticky post its! The sheet of paper lying under the pen is a 'Food Diary' or more specifically a 'Waste Food Diary'. For the next week, me, and the rest of my Waste Management class, have to record a diary of the food waste we throw out, including, what that food waste was, how much of it was thrown away, the reason for it being disposed and where it was disposed to, i.e bin or composting.

Under the big file is the most recent issue of PaperCraft Inspiration {love} I got a mini Tonic snowflake punch with this issue, which I plan on using to make the confetti for shaker cards, which will be a first for me, when I get round to it.

On the left hand side of my mouse is my 18Month diary, which I still havent go round to decorating, boy, I can see a reoccuring theme here.. and to the right hand side is my BEAUTIFUL PaperChase pencil case!

To the very top right hand corner of the picture is my 'paper bin', which in reality is a tiny little basket which sits on my desk all the time and any paper waste I have, whether it be from crafting or receipts or what have you.. goes in there. This sits on top of my three tier Really Useful Box unit. Below that is my xBox remote and an Ariel Excel Tabs box, which has been converted to ProMarker storage case! :) I have been slowly labelling little circular labels, well I say labelling, what I mean is colouring in. That way I can see at a glance which colours are which from the side of the box without having to take them all out! Handy! :)

What else..? Not much more of any interest, the majority of things, such as my Corner Chomper and stapler are always sitting at my desk, so you have probably seen them all before. To the right of the picture is my charger for my Making Memories Slice, along with some parcel tape and some average cellotape on a big roll, which I HATE!! I have a mini dispenser, but I need to get around to buying a refill.

Ok, I'll leave it at that. If there is anything else you are dying to know about or if you can't see anything clearly, please feel free to email me. loulouwas@hotmail.com

Best go get ready n tided up from tea. I had Chicken Tikka Masala with Naan bread and boiled rice. Yummy. Made by my fair hands.. with a little help from Sharwoods of course. I have darts again tonight, although this time it is our knockout game. Yikes!! :) Wish us luck.

I will try to get around as many desks as I can, but no promises, I am rushed off my feet with deadlines, but I MUSTMUSTMUST squeeze some card making in between, so that takes up pretty much all of my time!!

Take care! Lou. xo


  1. Looks like you're doing too much working, and not enough crafting to me. Hope you find some time soon. Thanks for the peek. S #84

  2. thats how a desk should be, thanks for sharing x

  3. Now that's a busy sounding space! And your tea sounds delish!

  4. was having a look at promarkers, might invest in some. Now cant stop thinking about chicken tikka masala - thanks for that...I'm on a diet and curries are BANNED! good luck with the darts. caroline #16

  5. Hope the darts went okay. Your diary of food waste will probably make interesting reading because apparently we all waste far too much! Have a good weekend. Elizabeth #98

  6. A fab desk. Hopefully the darts match was a success?

  7. LOL - well done on your win then!!!!

  8. I hope you will get a break from all the working and studying to do some crafting. Yummy, chicken tika masala....that would be good right now!
    Thanks for the peek!

  9. Fab desk. Hope the darts went OK. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 36)


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