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Thursday, 21 October 2010


I read. A LOT. Perhaps more than I probably should when I'm meant to dedicate time to studying. I particularly love horrors, ghost stories, thrillers, murders etc. Some of my fav authors are James Herbert, Stephen King, Tess Gerritsen and Beverly Barton.

Since starting my course at uni, I have also developed a love for more factual books, such as 'The End of the Line' by Charles Clover, which deals with the issue of overfishing. In fact, this book convinced me to stop eating fish altogether, this is the girl who would quite happily have a fish dish every day of the week. No more. Books such as 'Waste' by Tristram Stuart and 'The World Without Us' by Alan Weisman, which I am reading for the 3rd time!!

I just love words, and the feel of the pages between my fingers, although I have recently started researching e-Readers, such as the Sony e-Reader or the Kindle e-Reader . Although I would prefer my money to be spent on craft stash lol.

Anyway, these are the books I'm reading right now..

And these are the two bookmarks I designed for them. :)

The one on the left hand side is what is known as a 'Corner Bookmark' and I found the idea for the design over at YouTube by Dawn5377.

The bookmark on the right is designed to slide onto the top of your page, so you can see where you are at even when the book is closed. The tutorial for this can be found here.

Hope this has given you some inspiration, and if you like to read books, why not give these a go? :)



  1. oooh i o like this idea i may well have to have a go at this, thanks for sharing,
    hugs sandra xxx

  2. i like these,
    i made book mark some time ago for a swap but dont think i took a pic, i like reading but find i dont have time, since discovering groups/forums and blogs i have stopped my nightly reads with books in bed as im allways here reading postings lol


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