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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The Ouseburn Valley

Hey all, just thought I would stop by quickly and share some photos with you that I took yesterday when we had our Ecology class down the Ouseburn, assessing pond quality (I will not bore you with the environmental chit-chat, onto the photos..).

Me and a friend decided we would go down early for a few drinks before the class started at 3, and the pub there named 'The Cluny' sells STRAWBERRY BEER, yes, you heard me correctly.. STRAWBERRY!! and so I thought it would be rude of me not to get a pint of such delicious liquour!!

The picture on the left is the colour of the drink compared to Fosters Lager. Doesn't it look just yummy?

This is 'The Cluny' where I got my delicious beer, don't even ask me that name of it. I'm too busy slavering when I watch her pour it into the glass that I forget to even look at the label! LOL.

This is a view of Ouseburn Farm, from one of many angles. If any of you are interested in the environment or inner city farms, take a look at the place on the internet, pretty interesting stuff going on, to say the least. It is solely run by volunteers who are extremely dedicated to their work and so so friendly. Just doing their bit for the community! :)

And NO, that is not a recyling bin!! {Angry}

And this is the pond we surveyed, it belongs to the Farm, so any information we gather we can compile it and give them a copy for future reference. The pond itself is relatively young, a human made feature - obviously, and from first impressions it looks pretty dire. But, trust me, this scored pretty high on our scale after the class had assessed it!! Those algal blooms look yucky, but they are perfectly normal for such a new pond. What with three of the edges being pretty in accessible unless wearing wellies, it means the plant and animal life around those sides can thrive. Sweet, huh? :)

The pond itself is fed by an underwater stream from Jesmond vale, therefore the water entering the pond is urban, therefore it suprised us all when we found out that the water was pretty acidic, around pH 5.5-6.

And lastly, just a picture of the railway bridge up ahead..

Thats all for now, sorry there isn't a card today!! I've got darts tonight and I'm going to have to sort my bag out from uni today, I very nearly had an accident on the Metro home today where by the whole contents of my bag tipped out onto the floor, as the doors were open. Luckily, I managed to surprise myself with my quick reflexes, even if I was nearly asleep!!

Take care. xo

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  1. I don't like beer, but I love strawberry beer! Tesco sell it in little bottles :) I came across it first in a belgian bar, in Altrincham Cheshire, not Belgium unfortunately lol
    Love the pond pics and inf, really interesting :)


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