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Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Wowza, seems like I am just in time to upload my photo as image uploads will be disabled for two hours from 5.00pm. Yikes. So, gotta get this in here quick, so no chatting. Although I can't guarantee that..

Phew.. uploaded..

So, what a right one we have here don't we? Not much craftyness going on, well, lets be honest, not much craftyness going on at all!! I'm afraid I have/had an assignment due in for tomorrow, good new: its completed and I managed to hand it in early. First time for everything and all that. I amazed myself. However the aftermath can still be seen!! I must admit, it isn't as bad as it was, I sorta tidyed up a bit (oops) so you could get a feel of my whole desk as opposed to the piles of paper that were covering it!

Anyway.. my lovely corner desk in full right there for ya, I kindly moved the chair out of the photo so you can have a neb underneath! You might just be able to make out my MS - Circle cutter on the left hand side, and my gorgeous SU! ink pads on the right hand side of the slidly out drawer thingy. I {heart} those things!!

As you may be able to tell, regardless of whether I am crafting at my desk or studying, it is always surround by stash.. On the table top, underneath and on both sides. Crikey, I have a lot of stuff for someone who hasnt even been crafting a year. The whole three drawers right on the left hand side of the photo are JAM PACKED with stash. Top drawer - 6x6 paper pads, heat gun, stampamajig, card sketch book. 2nd drawer - embellishments, ashesive. Bottom draw - stamp sets. FULL.

What else on there catches your eye? :)

Ohhh, and my G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S Paperchase Pencil Case (Day Trippers line) I {lovelovelove} that thing!! You can just about make it out on the right hand side of my corner chomper (sorry for the quality of the photo, not very good lighting on my behalf). Right inbetween those are my little pots with the names in for my Trimcraft Swop&Share Draws, which will be drawn on Friday. They're getting quite full with names! LOL.

Anyhoo, I think that is about it for now!! :) I have one more scheduled post for during the week, and I might pop in a few more suprises depending on how well I get on with studying, althought personally.. I think I deserve a break!!

Why don'tcha hop on over to Julia's blog to join in the fun and do a bit of blog hopping!!

Take care. xo


  1. It's good that you can craft and study in the same space. I'm afraid I'd be crafting and not studying! You have some great things in your stash. I couldn't live without my heat tool, and I see you must like yours, too. Happy WOYWW from number 12 this week.

  2. Studying and crafting... I remember the days. Your desk is infinitely neater than mine. Great stash!

  3. Wow what a fabulous desk, great for crafting andy studying. Great space to work, thanks for the snoop, Tracy Evans (22).

  4. Hi ya
    fab crafty work space, lovely & tidy, hope you get ya assignment finished ok, have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x (13)

  5. Wish I could study in my craft space - study get relegated to the dining room table. Ah well. Thanks for sharing. #22

  6. that is a fab space, ru away from home studying and still got all your craft gear, you go girl, linky 78

  7. @ Bleubeard and Elizabeth - sometimes the urge to scrap is to huge and I have to take my studying to the dining room table, otherwise I would just sit and make cards all day long. I love my heat tool, I love the effect heat embossing gives! :)

    @ Sue - I managed to get my assignment finished, thank you. I even managed to hand it in a day early, which is a first for me!! LOL.

    @ Piddawinkle - I live at home whilst at uni, so I am fortunate I haven't had to move my craft stash with me!!

    Thank you for your kind comments, they are much appriciated.

  8. I'm afraid I've put off studying in order to get some crafting in...I'll think of you and go study :)

  9. Lovely space it looks all neat and tidy to me .... you know what they say about all work and no play.
    Hugs Shirley #95

  10. It may be stashed all around but you keep a neat workspace to work on. It must be hard to study and find time to craft too on the same desk.
    joZarty x

  11. It's certainly a discipline crafting and working in the same space but you seem to manage it well. I'm a newbie to the WOYWW so please be gentle with me!! Best wishes, Kym (No 42)

  12. Hi Lou,
    Thanks for the peek at your space - you are certainly well organised. I'm supposed to use my desk for studying, using my PC etc but it never gets clear enough to use for anything but crafting!
    Re your comment on my WoYWW - yes its a baby wipe. I used it to cean up my messy mat after spritzing some card with glimmer mists. It wasn't planned at all - when I came to empty the bin I thought it looked great and just put it back in the stash box to use when the time was right.

    Lizzie #132


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