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Monday, 20 June 2011

Dub Fest - Druridge Bay

Hey all, some of you may know I went to visit a VW Festival at the weekend - ever since I started learning to drive I have yearned for a Campervan. I WILL get one - one day. But for now, earrings will have to do. I bought some gorgeous handmade studs off of a lady at the festival. They're azure blue campervans - sooo cute!! I will wear them with pride! I'll have to get a picture me thinks.

But before I show you all the photos, I have an announcement to make. I have decided to step down from Pear Tree Designs for personal reasons I won't discuss here. I will keep in touch with some of the ladies - so not all ties have been broken. I have had a blast working alongside the team producing some really fun cards. I have to say thank you to Donna for picking me for her DT - this was the first ever DT call I applied too!! Thanks girls - I have learnt a LOT during the time with you. I wish Donna, the team and the whole Pear Tree Designs shebang the very best of luck.

Now.. for some photos!! ;)

Look at the colour of the blue one on the left hand side.. if you know me.. you know I would DIE for a campervan THIS colour!! It's like my fave colour. EVA. Sweeet!


Hello?! Two tone campervan - the inside was IMMACULATE!! I wanted to steal it, but I didn't have enough time to conjure up a plan of how to - so these pictures will stay with me forever!!


We snook backstage for these two shots - henec the fence (HA!) but we got caught, and told off, and sent back round the front. Rude!!


Wedding car for hire. It. Was. Beaut.iful. It wasn't a convertible - someone had just taken the top off a standard beetle. Genius!


Apologies for the lady in the purple top.. in almost EVERY photo.. it's the mother. How cute is that?! Holding it up with an umbrella. Damn!!


Oh, and I spotted another one of my fave things whilst there.. a big wolf dog.. aka a husky.. not 100% sure what breed it is, but one thing is for sure, it was H-U-G-E

This fella was adamant he wasn't having the muzzle thing on, he was crying and trying his hardest to get it off. Bless him. I had to apologise to the woman for taking ramdom pictures - she laughed and said 'I get it all the time' LOL!!


I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour around the fest! :)


I've been up since 6:30 this morning.. well.. technically 5:50 if you include getting showered, dressed and the time it took to travel.. looking after Tony's two little nephews - I'd say they're angels but that'd be a lie!! Heehee. They're gorgeous all the same. I'm ready for a cat nap now - but it's just toooo hot!

I might browse over some gorgeousness at WOC - I've bought a few more c6 size boxes that I need to fill with some gorgeousness - they might have just the thing I'm looking for! ;)

Over & OUT! xo Lou.


  1. What a neat show... would love to go to one. Beautiful vehicles! Looks like lots of fun!

  2. aw wow, another thing we have in common.i absolutely love vw`s.if i could drive my dream car is a soft top cream vw beetle, left hand drive and twin exhaust :D
    love all the fab pics.also picked up your recommened book today, can`t wait to start reading it.
    need to finish my peter james one first :D

    xx coops xx

  3. OMG.....I LOVE VW's and I told myself that when I finish with school I am going to buy me 1966 VW Bus w/ 21 windows. Oh man...Thank you for sharing this....Wish they had one of these here too!! :(

  4. What cute little Vehicles..they are adorable!


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