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Monday, 27 June 2011

Some Updates..

..so.. I guess my regulars are probably wondering why I have no Monday posts. Some of you may know I stepped down from Pear Tree Designs a few weeks back, and I have now made the decision to step down from Lexi's Creations too. A friend of mine, Susan - one half of the Two Pink Ladies - hit the nail on the head when she said I am spreading myself too thin. I had to step back and think of ways to use my time more appropriately.

You may have read in a few of my posts that I have my first craft fayre coming up in August - I'm really excited about it - but SO nervous at the same time. I've had a lot of really helpful and friendly advice from a number of crafty friends - so hopefully if I stick by what they have recommened I should do okay.. ish! LOL. I want to make other things aside from cards to sell, and both Laney and Shelly has recommended I cater for both the non crafters and crafters. I have already made a few notebooks and a calendar - slowly but surely I will build up my stock.

As for life at home with regards to jobs and stuff.. you just do NOT want to know. Seriously. *rolls eyes* the proverbial almost hit the fan this morning. But I won't get into that.

I had to go the postal office again this morning to pick up some parcels, so I'm off to get crafty!! Heehee. I was going to go sit in the garden, because it is HOT.. but it keeps spitting on to rain on and off. Ty-pic-al!!

I'll catch up more soon - I'll be back with another comissioned wedding card! ;)

Oh, and I do have a new signature which the lovely Ann Vento made me, but there is something weird going on with hotmail.. anyone else had that problem today?! Grrr!!

UPDATE: Here is my new signature!! Yippee..


  1. May you find the balance you're looking for. I know it's hard and we do all go through it, but I wish you the BEST of luck. I totally know where you're coming from and Susan is right :)

    Anywho, enjoy your days and good luck with the job hunt!!

  2. Hi Lou, you're doing the right thing hun, if you have too much going on you just don't enjoy it and thats what it's all about eh! Sounds like you are going to have a really fab stall at the craft fayre and I'm sure it will be a huge success. Got my fingers, oh! and toes crossed for you on the job front and I am so loving your new sig. Hugs.

    Donna x

  3. Lou, I was sadden to hear you were leaving us at Lexi's, I really enjoyed your DT creations. I would have left a comment on our site but it won't let me make any (blogger problem I guess). Good luck girl, and have a fab time with your new endeavours.

    glenda xx

  4. So sad when I read that you were leaving Lexis :-( I hope that you find that extra time you are looking for. You and your wonderful creations will be greatly missed. I'm just about to become a follower so I can see what you get up to in the future. Best of luck with the craft fair. Sharon x


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