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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A Nip & A Punch For *The First of the Month*

Hey there, just a random post to share with you all today, with a few pictures to show you and a bit of a chat. Grab a coffee and a comfy seat, this is a long post! LOL.

Beginning the new month.. I plan on posting at least once a day for the whole month - just so my regular visitors have something to feast their eyes on or read daily. I think it will be nice. Plus - today is the last day I have scheduled to finish my last ever uni assignment. If you follow me on FB you will know I was up until almost 6am this morning trying to get it finished. I have around 800 more words to do and then that will be IT! FOR-EVA! Unfortunately I'm a TOTAL night owl, I just cannot, for the life of me, concentrate on academic stuff thought the day - which is totally backwards.. I know. But that is how I roll!! I'll have to take a catnap later to refresh myself, as I was up at 10am again this morning *yawn*

So to take my mind off the bloody word count me and Mother Goose have just been for a little retail therapy. I treated myself to a new cardigan.. it's just delicious and such a beautiful shade of orange.

I really fancy a brown linen maxi dress to wear underneath - so very summery! :) I also bought some new-ish Barry M Crackle Effects nail varnish to try out. I cannot WAIT to start doing my nails again, what with revision and assignment planning over the past month or so I haven't had time to keep up with my nails - they're all smashed and peeling and everything nasty as I have been biting them like mad. I'm not a person who generally bites their nails - only really when I'm stressed.. and boy have I been stressed these past couple of weeks.

I also bought myself a new journal - I used to keep a diary, but stopped when I started uni for reasons I still don't really know. I guess I just wasn't interested in it anymore and didn't have as much spare time. Anywho, I spotted a gorgeous suede one today which was a KRAFT colour (yes.. my obsession with the colour goes beyond crafting..) so I just HAD to HAVE IT. I plan on keeping ideas, thoughts, feelings, and just jibberish about general day to day life in it. I may even make it a little pretty with some handmade labels and stuff on some of the pages. ;) If you have any ideas of to how to decorate outside suede cover, please.. let me know. Do you think Glossy Accents would adhere paper to a suede surface?! I'm totally not into altered stuff - I know nothing!

The weather today here has been so weird - it feels really humid and sticky indoors but it's like gale force winds out there! Crazy. I have loads of craft stuff to take photos of a little later on to put on the FB group to try and sell and make a little more room for new stuff. I've made a promise to myself though - no more stash until I am employed... HA! We'll see how long that lasts. But no, really. I need money for Chester (my car) unfortunately no one has invented an automobile which runs of fresh air. There is hope!

I'm off to get a drink and sort out my post and emails - then a catnap will definately be in order. I cannot WAIT until this assignment is finishedddd!!

Over & Out, xo Lou Mac.

Oh, and just quickly..

Bit of a crap picture, I know, but those delicious little clay embellishments in the top right of the picture are my idea of kraft coloured embellishments. I used some Pebble alcohol ink and the transparent Fimo clay. LOVE the results - I think next time I'll add a few less drops and perhaps the colour will be lighter! Can't wait to experiment some more. The embellishments in the middle which are a yellow-y colour are made with resin, and would you believe it LATTE ALCOHOL INK?! Some FUNKY stuff must have happened while I left those babies to dry over night. The ink certainly ain't yellow in the bottle *rolls eyes*. 

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  1. oh errr that big one with the holes would make a lovely pendant, they look shiny have you glossed them


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