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Friday, 5 August 2011

Hair Combos

Well that's my third shift at work finished up. My mam made me a rhubarb crumble for when I got in. It's just in the oven now. Mmmm. It wasn't as horrendous as I thought it would be!! *wipes brow* it was DAMN HOT though. Everyone working there should weigh 6 stone - you sweat so much - me more than others! LOL!! It's my first long day tomorrow 9-6, so please keep me in your thoughts!

Now onto the good stuff. There has been a lot of talk over on FB about different and 'funky' hair colours. Simply Sassy images are the perfect blank canvas, so to speak, to get creative with this. They all have lovely long locks so it makes it super fun to try out new colour combos.

I'm so pleased I gave this a go - infact, it has made me fall in love with my PMs all over again! :) I had forgotten how easy they are to use and the lovely colours there are. Ahh!! <3

First up are two Sassys - she is called Hippie Chick and her hair is PERFECT for practicing combos - wouldn't you agree? You can buy her HERE at Funky Kits. I only stamped the top portion of her for practicing and I plan on keeping these sheets on record so I can relate back to them.

Not only are these combos handy to have for funky hair but considering the blend so well together you can also use them for other areas of images. Result! :)

I don't know about you but I have  fave combos that I go to all of the time which match my most used paper pads. Being able to expand these options and get the most out of the PMs I already own is a result in itself!

These two pictures show some SOG images - this is Dancin' Mae who can be found HERE at Some Odd Girl. Her hair covers such a big area so it is perfect to practice blending.

A friend of mine who loves her Copics and was all up for selling her PMs until she seen these, asked me if I used my Blender pen to blend the colours together. The simple answer is no. I used Neenah cardstock which doesn't shlurp all the ink up and it gives you plenty of time to blend between colours. If you find the ink is dry before you get to blend it, simply go over the whole area with the lightest colour and go from there. In all honesty, the only time I used my blender pen is to correct mistakes when I slip out of the lines! LOL.

I am in no way an expert - infact I am poop compared to some of the talent out there, but this is what makes me happy.. and for now, I am pleased with the results I achieve using PMs. I almost have the full collection with only a few gaps to plug - so now I am fully in love with these marvellous pens again I will probably get the remaining colours and then go crazy when the new Flexmarkers are released next month!


  1. Haha you know what I think to these!! but now you also see my issues with blending, loving your colours xx

  2. WOW!! this is fab Lou love the way you have shared your colour combos!!
    thanks hun

  3. Oh Lou Hun you are my expert! I love your combos, and I love that purple turquoise hair how cool does she look! xxx

    Hope tomorrow goes ok for you xx

  4. What a great idea Lou! Your colours look fabulous - gawd I remember dyeing my hair with all sorts many years ago (went thru a sort of hippy stage!), was pink, blue, green, henna (not at same time may I add he he!!). Well done and hope you don't mind if I 'borrow' your hints!!Sheila:)X Hope your crumble was fabulous - I love it :) mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  5. All the best working those hours. Very interesting seeing these - I really want to get down to some combo
    practice myself & this is a really super way of keeping a record.
    Paula (PEP)
    I am so thrilled about your SOG appointment.
    Paula (PEP)

  6. Wow! Lou, love your awesome colouring hun. Thanks for taking the time to this especially after doing such long hours. Your Mum is a star, mmm! rhubarb crumble, Yum Yum!

    Donna x

  7. Totally awesome! Love your colour work you are a real pro
    love tasha xx

  8. love this little tute, Lou! fabby combinations, and a little out of the ordinary, which is right up my alley! :)


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