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Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Okay, is it just me.. or is it TOO HOT?! God I'm dying. It might help if I sat still for longer than five minutes.. but there are things that need doing!! I cannot WAIT until September when the cooler weather starts gracing us with it's presence.. and once the leaves start falling off the trees the SNOW comes soon after!! Yipppeee. I love Autumn/Winter. The heat does me no good. At all. Anywho..

Time for another stampede of WOYWW fun over at Boss Dunnit's Stamping Ground. I haven't joined in for a while so I thought I'd tell you what my plans for tonight are! :) I've got all the prep sorted.

So.. what d'ya see?! Lots of repeated images? Correctomondo!! There is a lotta 'different' hair colour stuff happening over on Facebook and in blogland recently, so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to give some PM combos a go! I've just started getting comfortable with various combos using my PM's and I really must start writing them down and making a record of how they look!

Gotta get me a little book to keep all of this goodness in! ;) Above the images is my challenges/combos/dt work/commissions/wishlist book. I had to replace my old one, it was F-U-L-L. I like to be organised, sometimes too organised. So a book designated to just colour is something I gotta get!! :)

Between my craft book and my diary can you see some black and white stripes and a strip of blue? That is one of my Gorjuss Girls I bought from Papercuts on Friday. HA! Neither of the two I bought have left my desk yet - I'm still to ink them up. *slap my wrists*

So my plan for tonight is to set up the ironing board - yes, I have a perfectly well lit lovely craft desk - but I like to colour in front of the TV some nights and the ironing board is the perfect height to get comfy on the sofa - bring my PMs and Copics down and boom - get some jazzy hair colours coloured and written down! :)

Thanks for stopping by today! :)


  1. Perfectly good use of an ironing board! Happy colouring!
    Helen S

  2. Now Lou that ironing board idea is sheer genuis!!! I knew there had to be a use for it!!! guess what I am just gonna nab it myself haha :D
    Cant wait to see your hair colour combos :D love your colouring muchly.
    Joey xx

  3. Hi Lou, ooh! you sure had me worried for minute there. Ironing in this heat nah! what a fantastic idea for it instead. Think I might borrow it, also would be good in the craftroom to put stuff on when the table is full. :o) Hope you're cooling down a bit hun, it has been a hot 'un.

    Donna x

  4. Great idea with the ironing board to color while in front of the TV. :-) Have fun...

  5. What fun, all that coloring! Your desk looks like I'd really enjoy sitting down at it and playing. Have a great week!

  6. thanks for the peek. Have a great day

  7. Super desk and who would have thought there was another really good use for an ironing board. Great tip, thanks! Happy WOYWW :D


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