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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A little TWO in ONE

So this is my.. what?! THIRD post of the day. YEAH BWOY! I'm on it. :)

I'm gonna tell you now, before you get all excited about seeing some more ANNABELLE projects from me.. this is gonna be raw.. just coloured images. Time ran away with me, and truth be told.. I gotta get my ass into gear to get these made into cards by the end of the week.

I plan on giving my next door neighbour a card with..


She always spends a lot of time in her garden, not necessarily catching butterflies in a net - shes on the other side of 50, but you know.. she likes the outdoors and stuff. She also appriciates handmade stuffs, so I always make an extra special effort. I'll post finished pictures of my projects when I'm done. Promise.

The little cutie on the right hand side, with the nestie all positioned ready to go is..


Hmm.. for being a Bee hater.. this girlie is winning as my favourite at the moment. I think it's her cute little stance, and her hair, and her little honeycomb basket of flowers. She's just cute man.. even if she does have black and yellow stripes.

So there ya have it. Raw coloured images, ready to be all prettied up! :)
I dunno about you, but I love seeing shots like this on FB - before people match their images to a card. I hope you like it this time round too!! I couldn't not share these with ya!! I KNOW YOU GUYS ARE GONNA LOVE HER!

Be sure to stop by both the Tiddly Inks BLOG and STORE and pick your very own ANNABELLE UP. TODAY!! xo


  1. You are on a roll Lou! These are absolutely gorgeous too....such cute colouring! :)

  2. Ok, now you're just showing off!!! These are outstanding!!! You have really done a fantastic job coloring these two up. Even though they are not on a project, I still love them. I have images like this all over my craft room. If I love something I colored too much, and I can't bear to part with it, it will hang on my cork-board collecting dust! (stupid, right?)


I would love to hear what you think. Thanks for taking the time to look. xo Lou.

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