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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Pricing Products

Okay, so.. this morning I said I'd be back with a poll. My post this morning was very long winded.. so I'll try to keep this one a little more.. digestible. On top of that I feel like poop - and I need to go back to bed with my new Jeffery Deaver read.

So, once I get myself a little more organised in terms of the categories in which I will display my cards.. (any hints or tips welcome.. ;)) I will be making the plunge and buying a few little card display stands from eBay. I've shopped around and found that the ones I'm after will do the job just nicely and will NOT blow the bank.

So now there are two.. okay three.. things left to do.
1) Make more stock. Easy. That's what I'm best at.
2) Plan the layout of the table. Easy-ish.
and this is where my enthusiasm falls flat on its face.. 3) PRICE PRODUCTS

So, here's the deal. I want brutal honesty again.

I want you to tell me if the prices I list under each picture of a card/product are reasonable, underpriced or overpriced. Got it?!





£1.50 each






So please, spare my thoughts and tell me the truth. Have I totally missed the point or are those fair prices to charge?

You all know how I roll, almost all of my cards have a handcoloured image (not colour to the highest standard, but I try my best) and lots of other goodies. I was thinking somewhere in the region of £3.50 for the cards I put a lot of work into such as the ones listed above. Others with not so much embellishment perhaps £3.00.

The purple and blue Christmas card with the Sassy is a card I would charge £3.50 for, plus the envelopbox it would be £4.00.

I also plan on catering for the crafters at the fayre too - selling little bags of my handmade clay and resin embellishments at £2.50 for 6. When I get the energy I will also make goodie bags of die cuts and toppers in colour families. The last picture is of a little embellishment pack of buttons, flowers and twine, again in colour family.

I'm keeping my fingers so tightly crossed that all goes well they're starting to turn blue. How do you recommend pricing stuff?! Each individual item or set items in groups of price ranges? I have a rough idea of how I want the stall set out so hopefully all will work out.

I am planning on getting 100 or so business cards printed to take and I will inform customers that I can take custom orders if they wish and they can contact me via email.

Well, that's that. I shall await comments, and thank you all in advance!!

P.S I've just placed orders with The Ribbon Girl, Quixotic Paperie and Crafty Emma's Store - so hopefully when they arrive I will cheer right up. Oh, and a MASSIVE thank you to Elaine for sending me her unloved WOC flowers - I was drooling when I was tipping the never ending fountain of them out of the box this morning! Lots of love you lovely lady!!


  1. Hi Lou!

    I'm Evy and i've been following your blog for a while now. I'm from Belgium, so i'm not really into £ ... I've tried to calculate your prices in € ;-) I think your prices are fair. You're not asking to much, when people go to a shop the prices are the same, and your cards are handmade ! I would sort the cards by theme or price. But put a coloured mark on them to know the price, in case someone puts them in the wrong "departement"... my English is not that good, sorry!



  2. Hi Lou, your prices are amazing for these stunning creations hun. Your handmade embellies are so gorgeous too. Have everything crossed for you hun, oh! hang on! 2laptop screens, not good. Everything else crossed. Hope you do really well. :o)

    Donna x

  3. It all looks fine to me - but it's very very hard to guage a market first time. It is such a subjective thing & really varies according to the mood of the public.
    I've no experience of this kind of thing at all when it comes to cards.
    Paula (PEP)

  4. Personally I would say you are under pricing your beautiful cards.
    My local card shop (cut price cards is the name which is a bloody laugh!) charges at least £4 for a bog standard mass produced card. I would willingly pay a fiver and more for a handmade card. But..and there's always a but...I know many card makers who have spent a lot of time and energy to make cards to sell at craft fairs only to discover that they don't sell very well at all. People are buying the cheaper items but not the higher priced ones.
    So although I think they are under priced for the effort that goes into making them and the skill, I think you have probably priced them well for them to sell.
    As for the other bit..you are more than welcome sweetie.

    Love Elaine xx

  5. fantastic cards lou.
    as a crafter i would say you are underselling yourself but as someone who tries to sell cards in several shops the price people will pay depends a lot on the area you live in.
    i struggle to sell my 6x6 with envelopes for £1.50 but i refuse to drop them lower.
    my local craft shop sells my demo cards and she charges £2.50 for them and she has sold a few for me but thats because it is other crafters that are buying them,
    not much help am i, i think as long as you cater for all different price bands you will be ok and when you`ve done 1 stall you will know better what sells at what prices for the next one
    good luck hun :D

    xx ooops xx


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