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Monday, 20 December 2010

First Ever Blogger Award!!

Well, there you have it. My first ever blogger award..

Awarded to me by Sharon, over at Sharon's Crafty Place, this really has put a smile on my face. So thank you Sharon, it really is appreciated! :D

The rules for this are:

1 - Thank the person who sent you it

2 - Say 8 things about yourself

3 - Tag four other bloggy friends

4 - Let them know

So.. where should I start..

1 - I wear odd socks.. everyday
2 - I am an obsessive reader, both real books and on my Kindle
3 - I have climbed the Cheviot - the highest hill in North England at 815m
4 - I passed my driving test first time with three minors
5 - I have a cat called Shadow - she truly lives up to her name in both colour and nature
6 - I have gone through three laptops in the past year - through no fault of my own
7 - I dislike [ in excessive amounts] the heat - summer - yack
8 - Three is my lucky number

Woaah, that was difficult.

Now.. for the even trickier part.. choosing only four other blogs to pass this award on to. So here goes:

Lexi at - Lexi's Creations

Lori at - Just Ducky

Janet at - Pink Gems

Roz at - Rozzy Bee

Thanks again Sharon! :) xo


  1. So glad you like the award Lou and that it made you smile!! It was my first blogger award too. You made me laugh with your odd socks!!
    Have a lovely Christmas,
    Sharon x

  2. Thank you Lou for thinking of me! x


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