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Thursday, 30 December 2010

New Embroidery Floss

So, I braved the sales today, on a mission to find embroidery floss. Just before Christmas I bought a 'Friendship Bracelet' kit (I'm sure I've posted about this before on my blog.. anywho..). It was obviously made for kiddies, as some of the colours were awful. But the patterns (of which there were five in total, if my memory serves me correctly..) So I made a bargain with myself, if I could hold off making pointless horrid coloured bracelets that I wouldn't wear, until after Christmas, I would take myself embroidery floss shopping. Well, I couldn't wait much longer..

So here are the 11 colours I got today, 75p a.. a.. what would you call it? a roll? a strip? what? from The Yorkshire Trading Company..

Some of my fave ever colours, blue brown and red! :) They make me happy much. So after I have a little session with some digis and create some cards, I'm going to get some of these bad boys cut to length and start another bracelet. I have made one previously (again, I'm sure I've posted about this on here..) which was brown, blue, white and green. Tis pretty nice, but I know its in me to make a nicer one! :)

Thats all for now. Have a nice day. xo

[P.S You may notice my picture is a different size to my usual, that is because I have eventually found the charger for my Samsung camera, so I'm going to see how that works out!]


  1. oh lovely colours lou, cant wait to see what you make with those,
    happy new year xxx

  2. lol they're called a skein Lou!


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