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Sunday, 19 December 2010

WRMK - Sew Easy Tool [Review]

Hidiho, thanks for stopping by. You're in for a treat, if you like stitching that is.

My Sew Easy tool featured amongst the stuff on my work desk last Wednesday. A lot of you seem to be interested by it, and Julia Dunnit, Chief of WOYWW suggested I write a full on review about it, and I figured I have had it long enough and used it enough times to write a half decent review, so here goes.

Now I may be a bit bias, but I LOVE the tool.. I think that is partly because I love the look of stitching, whether it be real of faux, on cards and projects, and this tool makes real stitching easy to replicate.

Materials it works well on:
Patterned paper - most brands, such as Cosmo Cricket, Basic Grey (although the BG creases more so than other patterned papers)
SU! patterned paper

Materials not so well:
Bazzill - Kraft cardstock - although I find if you heat the cardstock with a heat gun first, this does help the tool penetrate to create the holes.
SU! Cardstock

As for the tool itself, here is a picture to demonstrate.

In the end at the bottom there is a little compartment in order to store the needle that comes with the tool. It has a blunt end, which is handy, that way you don't prod your thumb every time you thread it back through the paper. The tool also comes with a foam mat which measures 11" x7", this makes it easier for the tool to penetrate the material your creating holes in.

The foam mat - measures 11 inches x 7 inches
Now comes the fun part: the heads. I own four as of now, and to be honest I have one clear favourite, the scalloped pattern, which is the green-y coloured head. I use it all of the time. You get a standard looking stitch head with the tool, that is the pink head, which creates holes in a straight line.

The heads are easy to get on and off, you just give them a little twist.

 *Click Here* for the full range of the heads and embroidery floss available from the WRMK range.

It is easy to use, and you can create straight lines, circles, zig-zags, anything. Just move the tool how you want.

So to sum it up: do not expect too much from the tool, it only has plastic spikes, so its not going to pierce really thick material. But some of the patterns you can achieve using it are intricate. It does crease the paper some what, but the peoples blogs I have visited that use a sewing machine say the same thing happens. It is relatively cheap, and you can use it with any sort of embroidery floss.

Any questions about this tool or how you use it, please contact me. :)



  1. thanks for the review! I just purchased this item including the scallop pattern cause I just love scallops. So the LSS I purchased it from did not have the foam mat, seems they were on backorder, so, what can I use inplace of the foam mat? I don't want to mess up the plastic spike...
    thanks in advance

  2. @scrappychica

    I'm glad it has been of some help to you! :) I have a few of the heads, and I love them all, but my fave has got to be the scallop pattern! Heehee.
    Hmm.. in the mean time, perhaps you could use the back of a thick mousemat? Although I'm not too sure how it would work. It needs to be something quite porus to allow for the plastic spikes to pierce the paper.

    Even if the spikes do not go all the way through, they always push enough to leave indentations which you can then go over with a paper piercer until the time comes when you can order the mat.

    I hope this helps.



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